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Speed Star SPEED

Speed Star SPEED priceSPEED

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Speed Star SPEED price calculator

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1 SPEED = 0.{5}2539 USD
Last updated 2024-06-25 17:40:42(UTC-0)

Speed Star SPEED price live data summary

The live price of Speed Star SPEED is $0.{5}2539 per (SPEED / USD) today with a current market cap of $0.00 USD. The 24-hour trading volume is $5.74 USD. SPEED to USD price is updated in real time. Speed Star SPEED is +3.85% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 0 .

What is the highest price of SPEED?

SPEED has an all-time high (ATH) of $0.02164, recorded on 2022-04-15.

What is the lowest price of SPEED?

SPEED has an all-time low (ATL) of $0.{5}2386, recorded on 2023-09-04.
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What will the price of SPEED be in 2025?

Based on SPEED's historical price performance prediction model, the price of SPEED is projected to reach $0.{5}3741 in 2025.

What will the price of SPEED be in 2030?

In 2030, the SPEED price is expected to rise by +8.00%. By the end of 2030, the SPEED price is projected to reach $0.{5}5258, with a cumulative ROI of +107.07%.
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Speed Star SPEED price performance in USD

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Speed Star SPEED price history in USD

All-time$0.{5}2386(2023-09-04, 296 days ago )$0.02164(2022-04-15, 2 years ago )
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Speed Star SPEED market information

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Buy Speed Star SPEED now
Buy Speed Star SPEED for 1 USD
A welcome pack worth 1000 USDT for new Bitgetters!
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Speed Star SPEED ratings

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100 ratings
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About Speed Star SPEED(SPEED)

Understanding the Historical Significance and Key Features of Cryptocurrency

In the history of mankind's development of financial systems, the advent of digital or cryptocurrencies marks a significant milestone. The trend has challenged traditional finance and shifted the way we view and manage money, investments, and assets. Predominant players in this space, among them Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Bitget's BGB token, feature prominently in the current digital investment landscape.

The Historical Significance of Cryptocurrency

The inception of cryptocurrencies came after the financial crisis of 2008, with the mysterious figure of Satoshi Nakamoto's creation of Bitcoin. Nakamoto's seminal Bitcoin Whitepaper presented a groundbreaking concept that allowed peer-to-peer transactions without oversight from a central authority.

Perhaps the most profound historical significance of cryptocurrencies is their disruption to traditional financial systems. Digital currencies have fostered a decentralized finance (DeFi) era, democratizing financial services. The technology behind cryptocurrencies, particularly blockchain, offers secure, transparent, and rapid transactions – a crucial adjustment that existing financial systems had been slow to adopt. Additionally, by design, the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies can potentially eliminate the chances of a single point of failure, offering a certain level of protection against financial crashes.

Key Features of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies possess some distinctive characteristics that differentiate them from standard currencies. Understanding these features is crucial for individuals or investors venturing into the digital currency landscape.


Every transaction on a blockchain network is public and transparent. Yet, while the transaction data is visible to everyone in the network, the identities of those participating in transactions are kept private, maintained through cryptographic pseudonyms.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

Cryptocurrencies present the opportunity for the unbanked population to access financial services. Given that these digital services require only an internet connection, they have the potential to reach remote or economically disadvantaged areas, where traditional banking has limited reach.


Perhaps one of the significant appeals of cryptocurrency is its decentralized nature that allows for peer-to-peer transactions without the need for an intermediary or central authority. This decentralization removes a lot of the bureaucracy and delays associated with traditional banking.


Through cryptographic techniques, cryptocurrencies provide secure transactions that, once confirmed, cannot be reversed or tampered with. Furthermore, users have total control over their cryptocurrencies and can secure their wallets through private keys.

Market Availability

Cryptocurrencies never sleep. Unlike traditional stock exchanges, cryptocurrency markets are available 24/7, giving traders and investors the freedom to operate at any hour.


Through smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps), cryptocurrencies can be programmed to perform specific functions when certain conditions are met. This feature offers an extensive range of possible applications beyond simple transactions.

Bitcoin, Ethereum’s Ether, and BGB are some of the cryptocurrencies that have transformed the digital landscape. Each with its own unique features, they play a role in highlighting the potential of what digital currencies and blockchain technology can achieve.

As the world evolves, the remarkable growth and features of cryptocurrencies will continue to redefine the financial space. However, with this comes new challenges – technological, regulatory, and ethical – that must be addressed to ensure the sustainable growth of this groundbreaking technology.

Trade SPEED perpetual futures

After having successfully signed up on Bitget and purchased USDT or SPEED tokens, you can start trading derivatives, including SPEED futures and margin trading to increase your income.

The current price of SPEED is $0.{5}2539, with a 24h price change of +3.85%. Traders can profit by either going long or short onSPEED futures.

Join SPEED copy trading by following elite traders.

After signing up on Bitget and successfully buying USDT or SPEED tokens, you can also start copy trading by following elite traders.


What is the current price of Speed Star SPEED?
We update our Speed Star SPEED to USD price in real time. Get the live Price of Speed Star SPEED on Bitget.
What is the 24 hour trading volume of Speed Star SPEED?
Over the last 24 hours, the trading volume of Speed Star SPEED is $5.74.
What is the all-time high of Speed Star SPEED?
The all-time high of Speed Star SPEED is $0.02164. This all-time high is highest price for Speed Star SPEED since it was launched.
Can I buy Speed Star SPEED on Bitget?
Yes, Speed Star SPEED is currently available on Bitget’s centralized exchange. For more detailed instructions, check out our helpful How to buy guide.
Can I get a steady income from investing in Speed Star SPEED?
Of course, Bitget provides a strategic trading platform, with intelligent trading bots to automate your trades and earn profits.
Where can I buy Speed Star SPEED with the lowest fee?
We're pleased to announce that strategic trading platform is now available on the Bitget exchange. Bitget offers industry-leading trading fees and depth to ensure profitable investments for traders.
Buy Speed Star SPEED for 1 USD
A welcome pack worth 1000 USDT for new Bitgetters!
Buy Speed Star SPEED now
Cryptocurrency investments, including buying Speed Star SPEED online via Bitget, are subject to market risk. Bitget provides easy and convenient ways for you to buy Speed Star SPEED, and we try our best to fully inform our users about each cryptocurrency we offer on the exchange. However, we are not responsible for the results that may arise from your Speed Star SPEED purchase. This page and any information included are not an endorsement of any particular cryptocurrency.



SPEED is not available for trading on the Bitget Exchange, but can be held in custody on Bitget Wallet.
You can trade other coins like BTC on Bitget.






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Speed Star SPEEDSpeed Star SPEEDSpeed Star SPEEDSpeed Star SPEED
Buy Speed Star SPEED for 1 USD
A welcome pack worth 1000 USDT for new Bitgetters!
Buy Speed Star SPEED now

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