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GMT priceGMT

Quote currency:
1 GMT = 0.2439 USD
Last updated 2024-04-25 14:30:41(UTC-0)

GMT price live data summary

The live price of GMT is $0.2439 per (GMT / USD) today with a current market cap of $471.31M USD. The 24-hour trading volume is $51.05M USD. GMT to USD price is updated in real time. GMT is -5.01% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 1,932,021,100 .

What is the highest price of GMT?

GMT has an all-time high (ATH) of $4.11, recorded on 2022-04-28.

What is the lowest price of GMT?

GMT has an all-time low (ATL) of $0.1003, recorded on 2022-03-11.

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When is a good time to buy GMT? Should I buy or sell now?

When deciding whether to buy or sell GMT, you must first consider your own trading strategy. The trading activity of long-term traders and short-term traders will also be different. The Bitget GMT technical analysis can provide you with a reference for trading.
According to the GMT 4h technical analysis, the trading signal is Sell.
According to the GMT 1d technical analysis, the trading signal is Strong sell.
According to the GMT 1w technical analysis, the trading signal is Sell.

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GMT price performance in USD


GMT price history in USD

All-time$0.1003(2022-03-11, 2 years ago )$4.11(2022-04-28, 1 years ago )

GMT market information

Market cap
Fully diluted market cap
Volume (24h)
Market rankings
Circulation rate
24h volume / market cap
Circulating supply
1,932,021,100 GMT
Total supply / Max supply
5.37B GMT
-- GMT
ICO price
$0.01000 ICO details

GMT ratings

Average ratings from the community
100 ratings
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About GMT(GMT)

What Is STEPN?

STEPN is a move-to-earn (M2E) platform that has revolutionized the cryptocurrency space by integrating physical activity with blockchain">blockchain technology. Developed by the Australian fintech firm Find Satoshi Lab, STEPN has emerged as a pioneer in the Web3 era, encouraging users to lead healthier lifestyles while earning crypto rewards. Leveraging the power of the Solana blockchain, this innovative application offers a seamless and rewarding experience for users who engage in physical activities such as walking, jogging, or running.

Founded by Jerry Huang and Yawn Rong in 2021, STEPN has garnered significant attention and investment from leading entities including Solana Capital and Sequoia Capital. The platform operates with a dual-token system, comprising the Green Satoshi Token (GST) and the Green Metaverse Token (GMT), each fulfilling distinct roles within the ecosystem. As users engage in physical activities, they can earn GST, which can be utilized for various in-game functionalities. On the other hand, GMT serves as a governance token, offering users a stake in the platform's development and a share of the company's Bitcoin mining output.



Official Website:

How Does STEPN Work?

At the core of STEPN's operation is the integration of GameFi and SocialFi elements, fostering a community where users can earn rewards through physical activity. To begin their journey, users need to download the STEPN app and purchase Non-Fungible Token (NFT) sneakers using Solana (SOL) or BNB Chain (BNB). These sneakers, categorized as Walker, Jogger, Runner, or Trainer, determine the amount of GST earned per unit of energy, which is a measure of the time spent being active.

The platform offers various game modes including solo, marathon, and background modes, each providing different opportunities to earn GST. For instance, in solo mode, users can earn tokens based on their movement and the attributes of the sneakers they own. The marathon mode allows users to participate in weekly or monthly competitions, while the background mode enables earning GST even when the app is off, by syncing with the mobile device's health data.

Furthermore, STEPN has introduced a marketplace where users can trade NFT sneakers, gems, and badges, creating a dynamic and engaging environment. The platform also features a built-in noncustodial wallet, facilitating token swaps and other DeFi functionalities, enhancing the user experience and fostering a vibrant community.

What Is GMT Token?

Green Metaverse Token (GMT) is the governance token of the STEPN ecosystem. GMT is backed by a constantly growing computing power measured in terahashes (TH) via the SHA-256 protocol. Holding GMT not only grants users a say in the development of STEPN but also entitles them to a share of the company's Bitcoin mining output, facilitated through STEPN's innovative pooling technology.

The GMT token represents a fractional ownership of mining rigs, allowing users to earn daily Bitcoin mining revenue. This dual-token economy, consisting of GMT and GST tokens, serves as the backbone of the STEPN platform, fostering a community where users are incentivized to lead healthier lifestyles while enjoying the financial benefits that come with token ownership.

STEPN's Impact on Finance

In the broader financial landscape, STEPN stands as a testament to the transformative potential of blockchain technology. By integrating physical activity with cryptocurrency rewards, STEPN has created a unique niche in the financial market, potentially paving the way for a new genre of investment opportunities centered around health and wellness.

Furthermore, STEPN's approach to carbon neutrality, facilitated through the purchase of carbon removal credits, showcases a commitment to environmental sustainability, a factor that is increasingly becoming a focal point in the financial sector. As STEPN continues to grow, it holds the potential to reshape the financial landscape, introducing a novel approach to investment that is grounded in health, wellness, and environmental sustainability.

What Determines STEPN's Price?

In the fast-paced universe of cryptocurrency, keeping tabs on the STEPN GMT price has become somewhat of a daily ritual for both newcomers and veteran investors alike. A pivotal element swaying the current STEPN GMT price is its groundbreaking move-to-earn mechanism. This innovation marries physical activity with the intricacies of blockchain technology, positioning STEPN GMT as a distinct entity in the bustling cryptocurrency landscape.

Investors and enthusiasts are all eyes on the STEPN GMT price trends, with many closely following the price analysis and historical data available on popular platforms like CoinMarketCap and TradingView. These platforms have become a goldmine for insights, helping to chart the potential path of this promising digital asset. Additionally, delving into the STEPN GMT roadmap and whitepaper can offer a rich tapestry of information, shedding light on the visionary strategies and technological backbone that prop up the vibrant STEPN ecosystem—a facet often reflected in the live price dynamics of the token.

The chatter surrounding the STEPN platform is growing louder by the day. Forums and communities, including the vibrant STEPN GMT subreddit, are brimming with discussions and speculations, especially concerning what the year 2023 holds for STEPN GMT. Predictions about the token's price in 2023 are fueled by user engagement metrics on the platform and broader trends sweeping across the cryptocurrency domain. For those itching to buy STEPN GMT, a comprehensive analysis is encouraged, one that factors in the latest news and shifts that might swing the crypto price in one direction or another.

To wrap things up, figuring out the STEPN GMT token price isn't a one-dimensional affair. It's a deep dive that considers both the inherent value stemming from its novel features and the fluctuating market dynamics at play in the larger cryptocurrency sphere. As STEPN carves a distinctive niche in the crypto arena, investors and aficionados are glued to the STEPN GMT price charts and fluctuations in USD value, eager to pinpoint lucrative investment avenues and map the promising journey this digital asset is embarking on.

How to buy GMT (GMT)

Buying GMT on Bitget is fast and simple.
You just have to create an account, complete identity verification, deposit funds, and your trading journey is all set!
For more information, refer to How to buy GMT (GMT) .

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After having successfully signed up on Bitget and purchased USDT or GMT tokens, you can start trading derivatives, including GMT futures and margin trading to increase your income.

The current price of GMT is $0.2439, with a 24h price change of -5.01%. Traders can profit by either going long or short onGMT futures.

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GMT news

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People are also inquiring about the price of GMT.

What is the current price of GMT?

We update our GMT to USD price in real time. Get the live Price of GMT on Bitget.

What is the 24 hour trading volume of GMT?

Over the last 24 hours, the trading volume of GMT is $51.05M.

What is the all-time high of GMT?

The all-time high of GMT is $4.11. This all-time high is highest price for GMT since it was launched.

Can I buy GMT on Bitget?

Yes, GMT is currently available on Bitget’s centralized exchange. For more detailed instructions, check out our helpful How to buy StepN guide.

Can I get a steady income from investing in GMT?

Of course, Bitget provides a strategic trading platform, with intelligent trading bots to automate your trades and earn profits.

Where can I buy GMT with the lowest fee?

We're pleased to announce that strategic trading platform is now available on the Bitget exchange. Bitget offers industry-leading trading fees and depth to ensure profitable investments for traders.

What is use case of STEPN?

STEPN is a Web3 app merging GameFi and SocialFi to reward users for outdoor activities like walking and running. It uses NFT sneakers, runs on Solana, and aims to promote fitness and address climate change. The Green Metaverse Token (GMT) is its governance token. STEPN has a max supply of six billion GMT and plans to reduce circulation through token burning. It offers various modes for users to earn Green Satoshi Tokens (GST) based on their activity levels. Backed by prominent investors, it's available on iOS and Android. In essence, STEPN encourages physical activity through NFT sneakers and rewards users with crypto tokens, promoting health and sustainability.

Is STEPN a good investment?

While precise price predictions for STEPN (GMT) are challenging, the project's strong fundamentals make it an interesting crypto asset. As a popular Web 3.0 blockchain game, growing user adoption could support GMT's price and market cap. More players and increased activity in the NFT marketplace may accelerate GMT token burns, making it more valuable. As Web3 applications gain traction, STEPN's price could rise, especially with improved crypto market sentiment.

What is STEPN Green Metaverse Token (GMT) user for?

The GMT token in STEPN serves various purposes, both within and outside the game: - Governance: GMT holders have voting rights to influence the game's future development. - Earning Rewards: Players can earn GMT tokens after owning at least three Energy in STEPN. - Game Progression: GMT is used to upgrade sneaker NFTs, enhancing earning potential, and for other in-game upgrades. - Trading and Holding: GMT is a native token in a popular Web 3.0 app, making it an attractive crypto asset for trading or long-term holding. - Passive Income: GMT can be staked on certain platforms to earn APYs, allowing users to generate passive income from their holdings.

Why does the STEPN game burn tokens?

GMT tokens are burned within the STEPN game for various purposes, including: - Increasing GST Supply: GMT is burned to raise the daily earning limit of Green Satoshi Tokens (GST) in the game. - Minting Rare NFT Sneakers: When minting valuable and high-earning potential NFT sneakers, GMT is burned. - Improving NFT Sneaker Quality: GMT can be burned to enhance the chances of obtaining higher-quality sneakers from mystery shoeboxes. - Re-distributing Attribute Points: GMT is used for redistributing attribute points within the STEPN app. - Upgrading Gems: Burning GMT is necessary for upgrading Gems on sneakers at specific game levels (5, 10, 20, 29, and 30). - Enhancing Success Rate: GMT burning improves the success rate of Gem and sneaker upgrades, increasing earning potential. - Leveling Up: GMT is required for progressing through game levels (5, 10, 20, 29, and 30). - Improved NFT Minting: Burning GMT increases the likelihood of receiving two sneakers when minting NFTs in the STEPN marketplace.

How can you play the STEPN game?

STEPN offers engaging gameplay where users can engage in various activities related to NFT sneakers, badges, and gems on the in-game marketplace. Players can monetize their outdoor activities such as jogging, running, or walking to earn the utility token GST. These rewards can be cashed out or reinvested in the game. The marketplace is user-friendly with filtering and sorting options. STEPN allocates rewards from a designated supply, but there is room for development in the credit and rental system.

Who founded STEPN?

The development of STEPN was led by the Australian fintech firm Find Satoshi Lab, headquartered in Adelaide. In recent years, this company has actively contributed to the blockchain industry. STEPN's co-founders include Jerry Huang and Yawn Rong, who were part of a highly regarded team at the 2021 Solana Ignition Hackathon Gaming Track.
Cryptocurrency investments, including buying GMT online via Bitget, are subject to market risk. Bitget provides easy and convenient ways for you to buy GMT, and we try our best to fully inform our users about each cryptocurrency we offer on the exchange. However, we are not responsible for the results that may arise from your GMT purchase. This page and any information included are not an endorsement of any particular cryptocurrency.



GMT is available for trading on the Bitget Exchange, and can be held in custody on Bitget Wallet. Bitget Exchange is also one of the first CEX platforms to support GMT trades.
You can trade GMT on Bitget.






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