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API3 priceAPI3

Quote currency:
1 API3 = 2.79 USD
Last updated 2024-05-27 04:11:35(UTC-0)
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API3 price live data summary

The live price of API3 is $2.79 per (API3 / USD) today with a current market cap of $240.82M USD. The 24-hour trading volume is $9.64M USD. API3 to USD price is updated in real time. API3 is +0.54% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 86,421,976 .

What is the highest price of API3?

API3 has an all-time high (ATH) of $10.31, recorded on 2021-04-07.

What is the lowest price of API3?

API3 has an all-time low (ATL) of $0.8437, recorded on 2023-06-10.

API3 price prediction

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When is a good time to buy API3? Should I buy or sell now?

When deciding whether to buy or sell API3, you must first consider your own trading strategy. The trading activity of long-term traders and short-term traders will also be different. The Bitget API3 technical analysis can provide you with a reference for trading.
According to the API3 4h technical analysis, the trading signal is Strong buy.
According to the API3 1d technical analysis, the trading signal is Strong buy.
According to the API3 1w technical analysis, the trading signal is Buy.

What will the price of API3 be in 2025?

Based on API3's historical price performance prediction model, the price of API3 is projected to reach $4.16 in 2025.

What will the price of API3 be in 2030?

In 2030, the API3 price is expected to rise by -19.00%. By the end of 2030, the API3 price is projected to reach $5.03, with a cumulative ROI of +80.53%.
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API3 price performance in USD

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API3 price history in USD

All-time$0.8437(2023-06-10, 352 days ago )$10.31(2021-04-07, 3 years ago )
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API3 market information

Market cap
Fully diluted market cap
Volume (24h)
Market rankings
Circulation rate
24h volume / market cap
Circulating supply
86,421,976 API3
Total supply / Max supply
125,324,588 API3
-- API3
ICO price
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API3 ratings

Average ratings from the community
100 ratings
This content is for informational purposes only.

API3 Social Data

In the last 24 hours, the social media sentiment score for API3 was 4, and the social media sentiment towards API3 price trend was Bullish. The overall API3 social media score was 76, which ranks 80 among all cryptocurrencies.

According to LunarCrush, in the last 24 hours, cryptocurrencies were mentioned on social media a total of 1,058,120 times, with API3 being mentioned with a frequency ratio of 0.01%, ranking 169 among all cryptocurrencies.

In the last 24 hours, there were a total of 340 unique users discussing API3, with a total of API3 mentions of 86. However, compared to the previous 24-hour period, the number of unique users increase by 30%, and the total number of mentions has increase by 10%.

On Twitter, there were a total of 2 tweets mentioning API3 in the last 24 hours. Among them, 100% are bullish on API3, 0% are bearish on API3, and 0% are neutral on API3.

On Reddit, there were 11 posts mentioning API3 in the last 24 hours. Compared to the previous 24-hour period, the number of mentions increase by 57% .

All social overview

Average sentiment(24h)
Social score(24h)
Social contributors(24h)
Social mentions(24h)
Social dominance(24h)
Twitter sentiment(24h)
Reddit score(24h)
Reddit posts(24h)
Reddit comments(24h)

About API3(API3)

What Is API3?

API3 is the first-party blockchain oracle introduced in December 2020. It is designed to bridge the gap between the decentralized blockchain applications (dApps) and real-world data. API3 aims to make existing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)—the building blocks of modern software and applications—compatible with decentralized networks, enabling them to feed real-world data into blockchain applications seamlessly. APIs are crucial as they allow developers to integrate specific datasets or services into new projects without having to code everything from scratch. However, the majority of APIs are developed for centralized applications and are not natively compatible with blockchain and dApps, a problem API3 is poised to solve. API3’s mission is to adapt existing APIs to the decentralization standards of Web 3.0 without burdening API providers or dApp developers.

API3 achieves this through its innovative decentralized APIs (dAPIs), which are inherently compatible with blockchain technology and do not require proprietary technology or access from a centralized organization. These dAPIs can be bridged to support any blockchain, making them a versatile solution for any decentralized ecosystem requiring data. API3’s approach is unique as it aggregates data directly from first-party data providers, enhancing transparency and eliminating the need for middlemen, thus allowing more revenue to go directly to API providers.



Official Website:

How Does API3 Work?

API3 operates through a technology called Airnode, a serverless oracle node that allows API providers to convert their APIs into dAPIs, decentralizing data feeds at their sources and enabling dApps to access data directly. This technology is designed to be user-friendly, requiring minimal technical knowledge to deploy, and it operates on a set-and-forget principle, meaning it doesn’t necessitate regular maintenance. Airnode also offers flexibility in payment options, allowing API providers to receive payment in fiat or cryptocurrency, and it employs on-demand pricing, ensuring providers only pay for hosting when their API is in use.

API3 stands out by utilizing first-party oracle nodes operated directly by data providers, contrasting with other oracle projects that typically use third-party oracle nodes hosted by intermediaries. This approach not only reduces the risks associated with data tampering and central points of failure but also ensures more revenue goes directly to the data providers, potentially incentivizing more providers to participate in the decentralized landscape.

API3 is governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which manages the creation, setup, management, and monetization of dAPIs and covers operational costs including gas fees and compensation to oracle API providers. The DAO ensures decentralized governance, allowing for more transparency and reducing risks of centralized points of failure.

What Is API3 Token?

The API3 token is the native utility token of the API3 platform and serves as the central mechanism for payments and community governance within the API3 DAO. It allows stakeholders to participate directly in community governance by staking API3 tokens in the API3 insurance staking contract. By doing so, stakeholders receive staking and inflationary rewards, incentivizing participation in the decentralized network and contributing to its overall value. The token also facilitates transactions within the platform, with dApps using the dAPI network paying a subscription fee in API3 tokens, although API providers using Airnode can opt to receive payment in fiat if they prefer.

API3's Impact on Finance

API3’s innovative approach to decentralized data transmission has profound implications for the financial sector, particularly in the realm of decentralized finance (DeFi). By providing a secure and efficient means of integrating real-world data into blockchain applications, API3 enables the development of more sophisticated and reliable financial dApps and services. The elimination of intermediaries not only reduces costs but also mitigates risks associated with data tampering and central points of failure, fostering a more secure and transparent financial ecosystem. Furthermore, by democratizing access to information and incentivizing participation, API3 is poised to drive wider adoption of blockchain technology within the financial sector, paving the way for a more inclusive and decentralized financial future.

What Determines API3's Price?

The price of API3, like other cryptocurrencies, is influenced by a myriad of factors, ranging from market trends to cryptocurrency news, and is subject to the laws of supply and demand. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and experts closely monitor API3’s developments, and any announcements or events related to API3 can have a significant impact on its price. For instance, partnerships, technological advancements, or positive developments in the API3 community can lead to increased demand and, subsequently, a rise in API3’s price. Conversely, unfavorable cryptocurrency news, such as regulatory challenges or security issues, can lead to a decrease in demand and a drop in price. Cryptocurrency analysis and charts are essential tools for those looking to understand API3 price movements and are widely used by the crypto community for price prediction and to develop cryptocurrency trading strategies.

Market sentiment, driven by cryptocurrency influencers and the broader crypto community, also plays a crucial role in determining API3’s price. Positive sentiment can lead to increased adoption and demand, pushing the price upwards, while negative sentiment can have the opposite effect. Cryptocurrency market volatility is another critical factor, with prices capable of experiencing significant fluctuations within short periods, making crypto market analysis pivotal for both cryptocurrency beginners and experts looking to buy cryptocurrency on leading exchanges such as Bitget. The speculative nature of cryptocurrency investments, coupled with the lack of comprehensive cryptocurrency regulation, contributes to the price volatility, making it essential for investors to stay informed about cryptocurrency trends and risks.

Looking towards 2024 and beyond, API3’s price will likely continue to be shaped by developments within the API3 project, the overall state of the cryptocurrency market, and external factors such as regulatory developments and macroeconomic trends. Cryptocurrency price predictions suggest varying outcomes, and while some see API3 as the best crypto investment for 2024, potential investors should approach with caution, considering cryptocurrency risks and conducting thorough research or consulting with cryptocurrency experts before making investment decisions. Whether API3 will fulfill its promise and potential in the evolving Web 3.0 landscape remains to be seen, but it certainly holds a spot in the watchlist of many cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

How to buy API3 (API3)

Buying API3 on Bitget is fast and simple.
You just have to create an account, complete identity verification, deposit funds, and your trading journey is all set!
For more information, refer to How to buy API3 (API3) .

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After having successfully signed up on Bitget and purchased USDT or API3 tokens, you can start trading derivatives, including API3 futures and margin trading to increase your income.

The current price of API3 is $2.79, with a 24h price change of +0.54%. Traders can profit by either going long or short onAPI3 futures.

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API3 news

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API3 has increased by 5.06% in the last 24 hours, currently priced at $2.47

Bitget2024/05/17 00:53

The prophecy machine sector shows an upward trend: UMA 24-hour increase of 26.22%

Bitget2024/05/09 02:08

Market Dynamics on May 9: U.S. stocks fluctuate, market anticipates CPI data to be announced next week

Bitget2024/05/09 02:00

Market Dynamics on May 9: U.S. stocks fluctuate, market anticipates CPI data to be announced next week

Bitget2024/05/09 01:59

API3 seeks DAO approval for 4 million USDC private strategic financing

2024/03/26 07:57

People are also inquiring about the price of API3.

What is the current price of API3?

We update our API3 to USD price in real time. Get the live Price of API3 on Bitget.

What is the 24 hour trading volume of API3?

Over the last 24 hours, the trading volume of API3 is $9.64M.

What is the all-time high of API3?

The all-time high of API3 is $10.31. This all-time high is highest price for API3 since it was launched.

Can I buy API3 on Bitget?

Yes, API3 is currently available on Bitget’s centralized exchange. For more detailed instructions, check out our helpful How to buy API3 guide.

Can I get a steady income from investing in API3?

Of course, Bitget provides a strategic trading platform, with intelligent trading bots to automate your trades and earn profits.

Where can I buy API3 with the lowest fee?

We're pleased to announce that strategic trading platform is now available on the Bitget exchange. Bitget offers industry-leading trading fees and depth to ensure profitable investments for traders.

What is use case of API3?

API3 serves as a crucial bridge between traditional application programming interfaces (APIs) and the blockchain ecosystem. Its primary use case revolves around providing reliable and real-time data to smart contracts within decentralized applications (dApps). Here are key use cases for API3: - Decentralized Finance (DeFi): API3 enables DeFi protocols and platforms to access trustworthy and up-to-date data for various financial instruments, including cryptocurrency prices, forex rates, and asset valuations. This data is essential for functions such as lending, borrowing, trading, and automated portfolio management in DeFi. - Asset Management: Investment and asset management dApps can use API3 to access price reference data for assets across different markets. This is valuable for portfolio tracking, asset allocation, and investment decision-making. - Prediction Markets: Prediction markets rely on accurate and timely data to resolve market outcomes. API3 provides the data feeds needed to support prediction markets, ensuring that they operate fairly and efficiently. - Insurance: Decentralized insurance platforms require real-time data to assess and pay out claims accurately. API3 can provide the necessary data for insurance policies and coverage. - Supply Chain: Supply chain management solutions on the blockchain can benefit from API3 by accessing external data related to shipping, logistics, and inventory management. - Gaming: Blockchain-based gaming platforms often use external data for in-game assets, rewards, and events. API3 helps ensure that these data sources are reliable and tamper-proof. - Governance: The API3 token is used for governance within the API3 DAO. Token holders can participate in voting on project upgrades, decisions, and protocol changes. This use case empowers the community to have a say in the development and direction of API3.

Is API3 a good investment?

API3 is a valuable addition to a crypto portfolio due to its role in providing reliable real-world data to smart contracts. It addresses the Blockchain Oracle Problem by offering a decentralized solution, reducing reliance on third-party oracles. With the growth of web3 technologies, API3's demand and price could see significant increases, making it an attractive investment option.

What is API3 price prediction?

The price of API3 can be influenced by several key factors: - Adoption of API3 Services: Increased usage of API3's dAPIs by decentralized applications (dApps) can boost on-chain activity and drive up the demand for API3 tokens. - Staking Activity on API3 DAO: Staking API3 tokens to earn rewards and participate in the API3 DAO can affect the token's value as higher staking rewards attract more interest. - Market Outlook for Web3 and Crypto: A positive outlook for web3 technologies and the overall cryptocurrency market can support the demand for API3 tokens. - Overall Crypto Market Sentiment: General market conditions, including volatility, regulatory changes, and investor sentiment, can impact API3's price, aligning its movements with broader crypto market trends.

Which blockchains does API3 support?

As of June 2023, API3 is compatible with ten prominent blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Optimism, Polygon, Avalanche, BNB Chain, Metis, Telos, and Moonbeam.

How can I stake API3?

To stake API3 on the API3 DAO for governance participation and rewards: - Acquire API3 tokens and transfer them to your wallet. - Access the API3 DAO website and connect your wallet. - Go to the Staking section within the DAO app and select Deposit. - Specify the amount of API3 tokens you wish to stake. - Confirm the transaction and approve it using your wallet. - Begin staking API3, earn rewards, and watch your holdings grow as you participate in governance.

Who founded API3?

API3 was founded by Burak Benligiray and Heikki Vanttinen through the API3 Foundation, with its launch in December 2020. The project has fostered partnerships with Polygon (MATIC) and Harmony (ONE) and gained backing from notable investors like EMURGO, Digital Currency Group, and Block0.
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API3 is available for trading on the Bitget Exchange, and can be held in custody on Bitget Wallet. Bitget Exchange is also one of the first CEX platforms to support API3 trades.
You can trade API3 on Bitget.






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