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    Akash Network

    Akash Network priceAKT

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    Akash Network price calculator

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    1 AKT = 3.45 USD
    Last updated 2024-07-23 08:37:19(UTC-0)
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    Akash Network price live data summary

    The live price of Akash Network is $3.45 per (AKT / USD) today with a current market cap of $845.87M USD. The 24-hour trading volume is $30.93M USD. AKT to USD price is updated in real time. Akash Network is -2.48% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 245,400,240 .

    What is the highest price of AKT?

    AKT has an all-time high (ATH) of $8.08, recorded on 2021-04-06.

    What is the lowest price of AKT?

    AKT has an all-time low (ATL) of $0.1672, recorded on 2022-11-21.
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    Akash Network price prediction

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    What will the price of AKT be in 2025?

    Based on AKT's historical price performance prediction model, the price of AKT is projected to reach $4.88 in 2025.

    What will the price of AKT be in 2030?

    In 2030, the AKT price is expected to change by -18.00%. By the end of 2030, the AKT price is projected to reach $9.54, with a cumulative ROI of +162.43%.
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    Akash Network price performance in USD

    24h7 days30 days90 days1 yearAll-time
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    Akash Network price history in USD

    All-time$0.1672(2022-11-21, 1 years ago )$8.08(2021-04-06, 3 years ago )
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    Akash Network market information

    Market cap
    Fully diluted market cap
    Volume (24h)
    Market rankings
    Circulation rate
    24h volume / market cap
    Circulating supply
    245,400,240 AKT
    Total supply / Max supply
    245,400,244.11 AKT
    388,539,008 AKT
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    Akash Network ratings

    Average ratings from the community
    100 ratings
    This content is for informational purposes only.

    Akash Network Social Data

    In the last 24 hours, the social media sentiment score for Akash Network was 4, and the social media sentiment towards Akash Network price trend was Bullish. The overall Akash Network social media score was 41, which ranks 278 among all cryptocurrencies.

    According to LunarCrush, in the last 24 hours, cryptocurrencies were mentioned on social media a total of 1,058,120 times, with Akash Network being mentioned with a frequency ratio of 0%, ranking 272 among all cryptocurrencies.

    In the last 24 hours, there were a total of 698 unique users discussing Akash Network, with a total of Akash Network mentions of 45. However, compared to the previous 24-hour period, the number of unique users increase by 4%, and the total number of mentions has decrease by 49%.

    On Twitter, there were a total of 1 tweets mentioning Akash Network in the last 24 hours. Among them, 100% are bullish on Akash Network, 0% are bearish on Akash Network, and 0% are neutral on Akash Network.

    On Reddit, there were 24 posts mentioning Akash Network in the last 24 hours. Compared to the previous 24-hour period, the number of mentions decrease by 29% .

    All social overview

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    Social media score (24h)
    Social contributors (24h)
    Social media mentions (24h)
    Social media dominance (24h)
    X posts (24h)
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    Reddit score (24h)
    Reddit posts (24h)
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    About Akash Network(AKT)

    What Is Akash Network?

    Akash Network is an open-source and decentralized cloud computing platform that is revolutionizing the way cloud services are utilized and provided. Often likened to the "Airbnb of cloud services", it facilitates a peer-to-peer marketplace where users and companies of various scales can access services swiftly, reliably, and cost-effectively. This innovative network is integrated within the expansive Cosmos Hub, fostering a collaborative environment that bridges various blockchain networks and facilitates seamless service across diverse development platforms.

    In contrast to traditional cloud computing platforms, which are predominantly controlled by tech giants, the Akash Network seeks to democratize the power of cloud computing. By leveraging underutilized resources from existing data centers, which constitute about 85% of its cloud computing capacity, it fosters a vibrant marketplace where providers compete for workloads. This competition not only drives down costs for developers and end-users but also introduces a level of flexibility that is unheard of in the traditional cloud computing sphere, where rigid agreements and limited options are the norms.

    This decentralized approach promises not only cost-effectiveness but also enhanced security, resilience to attacks, and a censorship-resistant infrastructure, mitigating the undue influence of centralized entities. By offering a platform where cloud service providers and clients can forge lease agreements that are cheaper, more flexible, and secure, the Akash Network is paving the way for a more equitable and efficient future in the cloud computing industry.


    Official Documents:

    Official Website:

    How Does Akash Network Work?

    At the core of the Akash Network lies a decentralized marketplace, a hub where cloud service providers and clients converge to forge lease agreements. This model is inherently more secure, flexible, and economical compared to dealing with a singular, traditional cloud service provider. The network's decentralized nature, akin to a blockchain, draws its security from a widely distributed structure, making it resilient to the vulnerabilities that often plague large, centralized data centers.

    The operational dynamics of the Akash Network are straightforward yet revolutionary. Potential subscribers delineate their application needs, including the necessary CPU, memory, and storage, followed by a price proposition. Independent providers within the network then bid to fulfill these demands, presenting their respective prices. Users can choose the most suitable option, often the one offering the lowest price, and deploy their application promptly without the hassle of setting up or managing servers, a common requirement in platforms like AWS and Google Cloud.

    What Is AKT Token?

    AKT is the native utility and governance token of Akash Network. Built on the Cosmos blockchain, the AKT token serves multiple functions, including governing the platform, securing the blockchain technology, and incentivizing participation within the network. It acts as a governance tool, empowering the community to vote on project upgrades and even influence the tokenomics, fostering a truly decentralized and open-source ecosystem.

    Initially, the network released 100,000,000 pre-mined AKT tokens, with a maximum supply cap of 388,539,008 AKT. This token not only facilitates value storage and exchange across users but also incentivizes cloud providers to offer competitive prices, rewarding them with AKT tokens. As the network reaches specific Gross Merchandise Value thresholds, it promises further rewards, fostering business expansion and community engagement.

    Akash Network's Impact on Finance

    In the financial sphere, the Akash Network is poised to make significant waves, particularly within the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. Its cost-effective and efficient approach to cloud computing presents a lucrative opportunity for developers and businesses alike, potentially reshaping the financial landscape by fostering more accessible and economical decentralized applications (dApps).

    Moreover, the network's commitment to open-source technology and its endeavor to collaborate with established corporations hint at a promising future, where cloud computing is not only more democratic but also more harmonious and collaborative. While challenges lie ahead, the Akash Network stands ready to navigate them, steering the cloud computing industry towards a future marked by innovation, equity, and efficiency.

    What Determines Akash Network's Price?

    In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, the Akash Network price is influenced by a myriad of factors that potential investors keenly observe through Akash Network price charts and AKT price analysis. One of the primary determinants of the Akash Network AKT price today is market demand and supply dynamics, which are closely monitored through various platforms offering insights into the AKT token market cap and Akash Network price in USD. Investors looking to buy Akash Network token often rely on comprehensive data analysis that encompasses Akash Network historical price trends to make informed decisions.

    Furthermore, the AKT crypto price is significantly influenced by developments and updates within the network. AKT crypto news serves as a vital source of information, providing updates on various developments, partnerships, and technological advancements that could potentially influence the Akash Network token value. Speculators and investors often engage in AKT token price prediction and Akash Network price prediction 2023, utilizing various analytical tools and market indicators to forecast the potential trajectory of the AKT cryptocurrency future.

    Moreover, the intrinsic value of the network, driven by its decentralized cloud computing capabilities, plays a pivotal role in determining the Akash Network price live. The network's innovative approach to cloud computing, offering a more flexible and cost-effective solution, has been a significant factor enticing investors to explore potential growth and buy Akash Network token. As the network continues to evolve, offering groundbreaking solutions in the decentralized finance space, it is anticipated that the Akash Network price will reflect its growing prominence and utility in the blockchain industry.


    The Akash Network emerges as a transformative force in the cloud computing sector, presenting an open-source and decentralized platform that effectively redefines the traditional boundaries of cloud services. As the "Airbnb of cloud services," it introduces a competitive marketplace, empowering users and companies to secure swift, reliable, and cost-effective cloud computing services. Leveraging the capabilities of the expansive Cosmos Hub, it nurtures a collaborative ecosystem that connects diverse blockchain networks, fostering seamless service integrations across different development platforms. Moreover, with its native AKT token, it incentivizes participation and governs the ecosystem with a decentralized approach, aligning with the broader objectives of the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors. Prospective investors keenly watch the AKT token price dynamics, which are influenced by various factors, including market demand and the network's intrinsic value derived from its innovative approach to decentralized cloud computing. As it carves out a niche in the DeFi sector, Akash Network promises to steer the cloud computing industry towards a future characterized by innovation, equity, and efficiency.

    How to buy Akash Network(AKT)

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    After having successfully signed up on Bitget and purchased USDT or AKT tokens, you can start trading derivatives, including AKT futures and margin trading to increase your income.

    The current price of AKT is $3.45, with a 24h price change of -2.48%. Traders can profit by either going long or short onAKT futures.

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    What is the current price of Akash Network?
    We update our Akash Network to USD price in real time. Get the live Price of Akash Network on Bitget.
    What is the 24 hour trading volume of Akash Network?
    Over the last 24 hours, the trading volume of Akash Network is $30.93M.
    What is the all-time high of Akash Network?
    The all-time high of Akash Network is $8.08. This all-time high is highest price for Akash Network since it was launched.
    Can I buy Akash Network on Bitget?
    Yes, Akash Network is currently available on Bitget’s centralized exchange. For more detailed instructions, check out our helpful How to buy guide.
    Can I get a steady income from investing in Akash Network?
    Of course, Bitget provides a strategic trading platform, with intelligent trading bots to automate your trades and earn profits.
    Where can I buy Akash Network with the lowest fee?
    We're pleased to announce that strategic trading platform is now available on the Bitget exchange. Bitget offers industry-leading trading fees and depth to ensure profitable investments for traders.
    What is the use case of Akash Network?
    Akash Network is a decentralized cloud computing marketplace that offers efficient and cost-effective access to cloud resources by tapping into idle computing power. It employs a "reverse auction" system, eliminating the need for traditional cloud providers and enhancing accessibility and scalability. AKT, the network's utility and governance token, plays a central role in securing the platform and facilitating transactions and smart contracts.
    Is Akash Network a good investment?
    Akash Network's decentralized cloud computing services have promising real-world applications and investment potential. Its adoption could benefit from the growing interest in web3 technologies, potentially boosting AKT token value as more users and businesses seek its decentralized infrastructure. A bullish crypto market sentiment may also drive increased investment and adoption, further supporting the Akash Network's price.
    What is Akash Network price prediction?
    While exact AKT price predictions are challenging due to crypto market volatility, factors like increased adoption, positive sentiment toward web3 and decentralization, and overall market sentiment can influence the Akash Network token's price trends. Rising adoption, coupled with a favorable outlook for web3, could drive demand for AKT, potentially boosting its value. However, market sentiment remains a key determinant of price fluctuations.
    Is Akash Network safe?
    Akash Network (AKT) offers users a secure and private cloud computing experience through advanced encryption and decentralized storage. This eliminates reliance on centralized providers, ensuring user privacy and data security.
    How does Akash Network contribute to a more sustainable future?
    Akash Network (AKT) prioritizes energy efficiency and sustainability in cloud computing. By using idle resources, it reduces energy consumption, leading to cost savings and a more environmentally friendly future.
    What role does community involvement play in Akash Network's development?
    Community involvement is crucial to Akash Network's development. It operates on open-source principles, encouraging contributions from developers and users. AKT token holders participate in network governance, influencing important decisions and shaping the platform's future.
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    AKT is not available for trading on the Bitget Exchange, but can be held in custody on Bitget Wallet.
    You can trade other coins like BTC on Bitget.






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