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Bitcoin Is Coming to Sushi as DeFi Platform Expands to ZetaChain
Bitcoin Is Coming to Sushi as DeFi Platform Expands to ZetaChain

The move allows users to access the liquidity of bitcoin on decentralized finance (DeFi) without going through intermediaries like wrappers.

Coindesk·2023/11/16 08:00
  • 02:35
    Market Dynamics on May 27: PEPE, TURBO Reach New Highs in Price
    I. Market Overview1. General Market Trends: The market is showing a downward trend, and Bitcoin's dominant position has also declined slightly. Currently, the hot focus is on Meme.2. U.S stocks are performing strongly, with tech giants like Nvidia leading the stock surge. II. Market Focus1. BB, REZ, OMNI prices have surged significantly. BB is the first project of Metadrop's new platform and has announced cooperation with AlgoStable ENA.2. Prices for ETH series ENS, PEPE, MOG, TURBO have skyrocketed. ENS was favored by Vitalik Buterin while PEPE and TURBO frog memes created new highs; however there were no active signs on the ETH chain as Gas fees were only 3 Gwei.3.Prices for MAGA and MAGA Hat under Polifi hit record highs after US presidential candidate Trump expressed support for cryptocurrencies causing MAGA Hot to soar 100 times in half a month.4.AlgoStable ENA will unlock $50 million worth this week.
  • 02:17
    Ordinals Development Platform TurtSat: Currently seeking other teams to take over the project
    On May 27th, Ordinals development platform TurtSat announced on social media that the team has recently encountered some unforeseen challenges which have affected the normal operation and development of the project. The team is currently in contact with several teams and seeking other teams to take over the project.
  • 02:17
    Hong Kong Media: The Securities Regulatory Commission has recently made clear its stance on the issuance of Security Token Offerings (STO) and RWA investments, which may be open to retail investors
    According to Wen Wei Po, since the release of "Policy Statement on Hong Kong's Virtual Asset Development" in October 2022, the government has frequently introduced new policies. For example, after Bitcoin and Ethereum spot ETFs made their historic debut in the local market this April, Hong Kong is not willing to lag behind in the Real World Assets (RWA) investment market. The Securities and Futures Commission has recently clearly stated that Security Token Offerings (STO) and RWA investments may be open to retail investors, further expanding the virtual asset market and attracting more capital and fintech talents into Hong Kong.